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Turning Visibility into Opportunity: An Advantage for Employees and Flexible Workers


Missed opportunities are one of the biggest challenges to career advancement, and employers are feeling the impact. Lacking visibility into vacancies within an enterprise, employees leave the organization for new offers. Likewise, full-time, contingent workers, and contractors often start looking for their next gig in other companies because they are unaware that their services are… Read more »

I’ve Never Sold Anything Before. But You Should Buy This.

QuantumWork Dashboard

I know, I’m out here shilling for a startup on behalf of my day job, so that makes me a giant hypocrite, considering my long battle against the conflagration of sales pitches and content marketing (they’re more or less different means, same end, admittedly). But the thing is, I don’t ever endorse products I think… Read more »

QuantumWork: All Your Talent, All in One Place

Quantum-Launch-Day_Yammer-Image smallest

New Comprehensive Talent Platform Offers Unparalleled Visibility across Talent Systems and Sources to Speed Up and Improve Hiring CHARLOTTE, N.C., June 24, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — QuantumWork, a comprehensive total talent solution that allows recruitment, procurement and HR leaders to see and understand their talent data, today announced the public release and general availability of its… Read more »

The Future of Work is Right Now: Meet QuantumWork


The Future of Work Is Right Now: Meet QuantumWork. on June 24, 2019 at 1:01 pm Hi, I’m Steve Parker. It’s a pretty exciting day for the Charlotte team, as we officially opened up QuantumWork for general availability today (click here to read the official press release). Of course, this news is a little bit surreal, too –… Read more »