All Your Talent.

All In One Place.

QuantumWork can help anyone see and understand their data. Connect to almost any database, analyze and visualize data across systems, and view all your talent intelligence and workforce analytics on a single platform.

Let's Make the World of Work, Work Better.

What Makes Us Different

Search All Networks Simultaneously

Increased Visibility

Improve Quality of Hire & Recruiter Productivity

Greater Transparency

Build Projections for Locations, Functions, & Product Roadmaps

Improved Outcomes


Unparalleled Visibility

QuantumWork allows employers unparalleled visibility into talent intelligence and workforce analytics by providing a single view of all forms of talent, all in one place. QuantumWork extends and augments, rather than replaces, existing CRM, ATS and VMS systems, aggregating these various data sources into a single, simple solution which provides universal access to all forms of talent.

Powerful Access

QuantumWork aggregates all talent intelligence and analytics into a single, simple platform designed to augment, enhance and maximize the value of existing CRM, ATS and VMS systems. QuantumWork also provides powerful access and matching of all forms of talent to all forms of work, all in one place.

Total Picture

With QuantumWork, you’ll have increased visibility, greater transparency, and improved outcomes to even the most complex talent challenges. From sourcing to screening, from selection to succession, no matter what kind of workers you have, QuantumWork makes sure that you’ve got the total picture when it comes to total talent.