Talent Data That Always Adds Up.

The Problem

We all know big data is a big deal – but in talent acquisition, it’s also a big headache.

That’s because not only is most talent data buried in dozens of different databases and systems, making it hard to find, but those systems rarely talk to each other, making migration and standardization of talent data one of the biggest challenges recruiting teams face.


The Solution








It’s Time for QuantumWork

If your talent intelligence inputs are segmented or completely siloed, if you’re using multiple point solutions and enterprise systems, or if you’re just looking for a better way to access aggregate talent data in a single, standard SaaS solution, then it’s time to take control over your data. It’s time for QuantumWork.

Quantified at Every Level

From recruiting leaders to CHROs, from HR Business Partners to sourcing and staffing practitioners – and everyone else in the business of talent, QuantumWork helps talent professionals at every level access actionable analytics and meaningful metrics (without migrations or math).

  • For the recruiter: The recruiter will have more time in their day with the ability to hire the most qualified candidates faster and easier. This directly impacts the most common KPI: Time to Fill. This gives the recruiter more time to do what they do best- recruit!
  • For hiring managers: QuantumWork provides visibility into all of your existing talent pools providing insights to talent shortages, re-deployment and re-discovery opportunities.
  • For talent acquisition leaders: QuantumWork enables data-driven decisions for the allocation of sourcing, marketing and recruiting efforts where skill gaps exist.
  • For procurement leaders: No matter what kind of workers you have, QuantumWork makes sure that you’ve got the total picture.

The Quintessential Choice

Helping people find work shouldn’t be so much work. With QuantumWork, you can stop searching, screening, sourcing, and submitting candidates, and start making hires.

Because when our high tech meets your high touch, it’s always the perfect match when it comes to recruiting and talent management.