The Future of Work is Right Now with QuantumWork

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the Power of Visibility

Visualize your workforce, without all the work.

QuantumWork provides a single view of talent, creating a single destination for all talent data from across all systems, solutions, and software.

With QuantumWork…

Search All Networks Simultaneously

Better time to fill + cost per hire

Select and Compare Compensation Models & Budgets

Single view of talent

Create Talent & 
Workforce Models

Search match and stack-rank across any data source

Search All Networks Simultaneously

Provides data-driven decisions

Improve Quality of Hire & Recruiter Productivity

Simplify or streamline TA tech stack

Gain a Competitive Advantage in the Search for Talent


Create Talent & 
Workforce Models

Talent Rediscovery


A Single, Simple Solution

We allow employers unparalleled visibility into talent intelligence and workforce analytics by providing a single view of all forms of talent, all in one place. QuantumWork extends and augments, rather than replaces, existing CRM, ATS and VMS systems, aggregating these various data sources into a single, simple solution which provides universal access to all forms of talent.